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The documents linked below describe the process of creating the various levels of staff member logins in FairEntry, whether or not you are a fair integrated with 4-H Online. The process for adding staff is the same in all fairs, but fairs that are integrated with 4-H Online can assign staff roles to a 4-H Online manager account, in addition to other volunteers and fair staff.

Staff Accounts:

  • Each person should only have one staff account in FairEntry, with all permissions assigned to that one account, and one email address. Susie Volunteer should not have a fair manager account, a separate check-in account, and a separate results entry account--with or without different email addresses attached. One account, one email, multiple permissions (if necessary).
  • Each email address should only be used once in creating a staff account. If Bob and Susie Volunteer only have one email address and both help at the fair, there should be one staff account, one email, multiple permissions (if necessary).


  • An Organizational Administrator should not have additional accounts at other levels for that organization/fair. The Org. Admin account covers everything.
  • A Fair Administrator account has all permissions to the fair and the data. A person with Fair Admin permissions should not have another account with other permissions.
  • A Fair Manager account has permissions to all the data in the fair (not the setup). A person Fair Manager permissions should not have another account with check-in or other permissions--Fair Manager covers that.
  • Check-in Agents, Results Agents, Breaks Agents--these can be "stacked"--a person could have one account, with both Check-in Agent and Breaks Agent permissions.

Families (exhibitors) and staff accounts:

  • In a family where there will be exhibitors making entries, and a staff member, a different email address should be used for each, if possible. In a 4-H Online fair, if a 4-H Online family has a staff account, it's also best to try to keep the staff account email different than the 4-H Online login if possible.
  • See more: Staff Login Same as Exhibitor Family Email
  • It's tricky to try to use the same email address for a buyer and an exhibitor family, especially if you add in a staff role. It's by far preferable to keep at least the buyer account separate. See more: Managing an Exhibitor Account with Staff and Buyer Accounts
  • 4-H Online Manager accounts should not be used for exhibitor accounts, especially if that account is also used for a staff account in FairEntry.
  • 4-H Online Managers who have County-restricted accounts (usually for a State Fair or Show) may have Fair Manager permissions (or lower), but not Fair Administrator permissions.

    (If they have been given Fair Administrator permissions, they will get a "Permission Denied" message when they attempt to log in to FairEntry. To fix this, either change their Permission level to Fair Manager or remove the County Restriction.)

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