Maximum Characters & File Sizes

FairEntry Support Team -

Several FairEntry fields have a maximum number of characters allowed. Entering more than the allowed number of characters or uploading a file larger than the maximum file size will result in an error. A rule of thumb to use with maximum characters is that text tends to average approximately 5-6 characters per word. So, 1000 characters is about 160-200 words. This paragraph contains 400 characters.

Common maximums include:

  • Powerpoint file size - 30MB

  • Photo file size - 50MB

  • Judge’s comments - 1000 characters

  • Breed Name - 100 characters

  • Colors and Markings - 200 characters

  • Animal Type Name - 200 characters

  • Class Name - 200 characters--but this would be very burdensome during the entry process. Fifty characters should be the absolute maximum that you use, with a goal of having the shortest possible name that still clearly identifies the class. (The "Fifty characters..." sentence contains 151 characters, just as an example.)

  • Sale Order Name - 30 characters

  • Entry Description - 4,000 characters

  • Custom Question text (except Content block) - 800 characters 

  • Invoice Line Items - 800 characters 

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