Staff Login Same as Exhibitor Group Email Login

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In the situations where a staff member or volunteer has a Staff account, the system will automatically direct them to the account with the highest level of permissions when they log in. If the staff member needs to use the same email address to add entries for their family via an Exhibitor Group account, the following steps should be taken:

1. Remove the permissions from the Staff Account

2. Delete the Staff Account.

3. The staff member should the log in to the Fair via the sign-in page to add entries for their Exhibitor Group/Family.

4. After the Exhibitor Group entries have been started, the staff account may be reinstated.

In order to avoid issues with this, the Staff member should use a different email addresses for their staff account and Exhibitor Group account or the Staff Account and permissions should be added after the Staff member has logged in as an Exhibitor Group and started entries. Once entries have been started, the system will allow the staff member to select if they would like to access their Staff account or Exhibitor Group account.

For more information about accounts with multiple roles, see Staff Logins and Permissions

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