Checking Open Invoices

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Sometimes families begin entries, then don't get as far as the Submit button, but the entries are still sitting out there, waiting to be completed. Common problems that occur with open invoices involve

  • Limited-capacity custom fields (stalls, workshops, schedules, etc.) - if a selection was made in an open invoice, the capacity was reduced at the time they selected it, even though they have not yet submitted (and in some cases, paid for) that selection.
  • Families may not know how to log in and finish submitting the entries. 
  • Families may believe that they have completed the entry process, even though they did not submit (and pay, if fees are charged), but as a manager, those entries are not part of the fair until they are submitted.

Here's how to check on your open invoices--the ones that have been started, but have not yet been submitted by the family.

On the Invoices menu, select the Search tab. Use the pull-down menu option for "Filter by Invoice Status" to select Open.


You can view/edit the open invoice by clicking on the Edit button in the right column.

On the third tab (Review/Approve), a manager can submit the invoice. Notice that the family will get an email notification, the payment method will be set to "Check" (assuming the family didn't get as far as the payment screen in their entry process), and the entries are automatically approved.




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