Tips for using Results fields on Custom Reports

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IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for results to appear on Custom Reports, they must be FINALIZED (even if you don't pay premiums or print checks)! To Finalize your results, click on the Finances tab, then click on the Budgets tab. Click on the "Finalize" button and all budgets will be finalized at the same time. This will tell the system that you are ready to run all of the calculations for points and premiums based on the results that have been entered.


1. If you would like the results for each entry in a Department, Division or Class or for each entry associated with an exhibitor, be sure to include the Entry: Entry Number field.

2. If a single entry received more than one result, the entry will be listed more than once on the report.


Result Field Definitions:

Results: Result Level = Division or Class

Results: Result Type = Ribbon, Placing or Award

Results: Result Description = Ribbon Color, Placing level or Award Title

Results: Points = total number of points awarded for that Result

Results: Final Premium = total amount of money paid for that result

Results: Budget = the name of the budget from which those results will be paid


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