Tips for Testing Entries

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After your fair has been set up, you may wish to test the entry process to be sure everything is set up correctly. Here are some tips for testing:

NOTE: Once an exhibitor has been created, an invoice is opened. Neither the exhibitor nor the invoice can be deleted. Clicking "Delete Exhibitor" simply sets the exhibitor record back to a "potential exhibitor." The exhibitor record remains on the list of All Exhibitors under the Exhibitor tab for the manager. The invoice will remain listed as an "Open Invoice" on the invoice search.

Exhibitors without entries will not appear on any reports.

  1. Be sure Registration Dates are open. You may want to consider opening a single Department, Division or Class if you are concerned about other exhibitors entering at this time.
  2. Go to your FairEntry welcome page. Create a new family account in FairEntry. If possible, use an email address that is different from your manager login.
  3. Create the exhibitor and entries. 
  4. If you need to submit the entries, be sure to reject them so you can delete the entries and update the invoice amount accordingly. You will see an open invoice on your Invoice Search with a $0.00 balance. The invoice cannot be deleted.
  5. If your fair charges fees, be aware that once an invoice has been approved, the total fees on that invoice are locked, even if the entries are deleted. It is recommended that you reject any invoices that contain any entries you plan to delete. This will insure accurate financial reports at the end of the fair.



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