Troubleshooting: Missing Entries on Custom Shows

FairEntry Support Team -

If there are entries missing on a Custom Shows Report, check the following items:

1. Click the Re-apply Ordering button on the Show. If entries have been added or checked in (if filtered for Will Show) since the last time the Ordering was applied, the new entries were not part of the original ordering. Click Re-apply Ordering to pull in any new entries.

2. Check the filters. Click to edit the show and check the following filters:

  • Will Show - If this is checked, only checked in entries will appear on the Show Program. If the missing entries are not checked in, you may check in the entries or remove the Will Show filter.
  • County - If your fair only contains entries from one County, be sure you have not filtered your show for County. Non-4HOnline exhibitors (FFA and Open) do not have a County associated with their exhibitor record and will not appear on a Show Program that is filtered for a specific County.


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