May 12, 2020

FairEntry Support Team -

Synchronizing Files from State Fair to County Fair
If your Counties will be promoting entries to State Fair, set up the file uploads in your State Fair and when the Counties Synchronize the Hierarchy, the file upload fields will copy to the County Fairs. If the Counties are also creating file upload fields, the files that synchronize from the State level will add to the files that may have been created at the County level. If the Counties have already synchronized the hierarchy for the year, they will need to click the Synchronize button again after you have created the State File uploads so the files will copy into their hierarchy.

Coming Next: After the next publish, these files will be promoted to the State Fair with the entries.

Additional Entry Questions
Members can now Opt In to sharing their photos and videos with the public, include a Video URL with their entries and enter an Auction Narrative to share with buyers during the online auction 
(Help Sheet for Families). Managers may also edit these fields when they view the entries under the Entries tab.

Coming Next: The video URL will be added for Judges to view and the photos and videos will be added to the Public Results page (per the exhibitor's Opt-In preference).

Judging Comments:
A Judging Comments field has been added for Judges to enter during the results entry process. You can view this field under Results by Entry and in the Photo Judging Module

Coming Next: All file uploads (not just photos) will be visible for Judges as will the video URL. Judging comments and results will be visible to exhibitors when they view their approved entries.

Entry Approval:
File uploads are now included on the Approval screen when a manager clicks to  View the entry details.

Online Auction:
The first stage of development has been published for Online Auctions. Fairs can select to turn on the Online Auction (under the Auction tab), can allow buyers to login to their account (from the Buyer tab), buyers can log in to their accounts and bid on entries. Sale managers/Fair Managers/Admins can finalize bids under the new Online Auction tab.

Coming Next: Bug fixes for online auction (we are aware of a few things that currently need to be fixed before this feature is fully functional), online buyer payments, sale results available in the exhibitor's account. 


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