Online Auction Screens & Security Update - 04/21/20

FairEntry Support Team -

Virtual Fair & Auction Update - sent via email on 4/21/20

As promised, the FairEntry development team has been hard at work adding new features to streamline the system for Virtual Fairs and Auctions. Here is a sneak peek at what you can look forward to in the coming weeks:


Public List of Auctions for the Fair


Buyer View of Online Auction Screen 


Security Update

As many people move towards online communication, learning and activities during the COVID-19 pandemic, the threat of hackers, "zoombombers" and security breaches is more prevalent than ever before. As you know, the FairEntry team takes the security of your data VERY seriously and we do not cut any corners or take any chances with security. We are excited to announce that we passed an audit for PCI SAQ-D Level 2 Service Provider. The audit was conducted by an independent Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). This means that all of the security measures that we have in place have been tested and confirmed by a third party. This is in addition to passing annual penetration testing with flying colors (where professional "hackers" try to break in to our systems to identify security vulnerabilities). You can rest assured that your data is safe with FairEntry! If you have any questions or need any additional details about how FairEntry protects your data, please do not hesitate to ask. 



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