Virtual Fair Training Video - 5/27/20

FairEntry Support Team -

The following information was sent to all FairEntry Customers on April, 13, 2020. The video below was updated on May 27, 2020.

As things continue to evolve across the nation, the FairEntry team has received several requests for additional information about how to run a Virtual Fair. Here is a video about how to use FairEntry for a Virtual Fair - as it is right now, with no additional features/adjustments. Please note, these are simply suggestions and ideas for how you can use the system. You may use or adjust any of these suggestions to best fit your fair or event.

In this video, we discuss how your exhibitors can use hyperlinks to share videos. Our development team is working hard to implement an option for exhibitors to upload videos directly to their entries. We hope this option will be available in the next month or two. However, using hyperlinks does provide an immediate option. 

We also address how you can put together a public-facing fair. First, you can share the Public Results link on your website or your preferred social media outlets. The hyperlinks (if put in the Entry Description field) are available on the Public Results page. Additionally, you can use the bulk download option under Reports to download all of the photos that are uploaded with the entries and use them to make a slideshow/video for each department, division or class. This option provides you with an opportunity to remove any photos from families or exhibitors who do not want their pictures shared with the public (it may be a good idea to set up a custom question at the Fair level to get their permission to share pictures/videos of their entries with the public).

The development team is currently working on the Online Auction feature. This would allow Fairs to run a Virtual Sale where buyers can log in to their accounts and add bids and add-ons to items in the auction. We will record a training video and send that out to everyone as soon as the feature has been published.

The development team will likely be adding other items and making additional adjustments to streamline the system to accommodate virtual fairs. So, some of the processes in the training video may end up being easier. We just wanted to give everyone an idea of what is absolutely possible right now in the system.

Please let us know if you have any other questions or if we can help with a possible transition to a virtual fair.

Stay safe and well!

The FairEntry Team


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