RFID - Tips for Using the GPR+ Scanner

FairEntry Support Team -

FairEntry does not recommend nor endorse any specific RFID scanners. However, our support team has received many questions about the GPR+ by Destron Fearing. 

The attached guide will direct you through the steps to configure the GPR+ RFID scanner by Destron Fearing. Although the FairEntry team has worked hard to learn how this device works and provide resources to assist FairEntry customers, the GPR+ RFID Scanner by Destron Fearing is not a FairEntry product and thus there may be issues with the scanner and/or software with which the FairEntry team is unable to assist. If you need assistance installing the Microchip Manager Software or with the GPR+ device itself, please contact the Allflex Tech Support Team at 608-237-3170.

The process to configure the GPR+ Scanner can be quite lengthy. For best results, please give yourself and your team plenty of time (as in a few weeks before your fair) to get the scanner configured and practice scanning tags in FairEntry so you have everything installed and set correctly and are familiar with the process well before your check-ins and weigh-ins.

If you are using an iPad or iPhone, you may install the free Serial Magic Keys app to link the GPR+ scanner to your device via bluetooth. The attached instructions for using Serial Magic Keys have been provided by the Allflex company for your reference. The scanner must have bluetooth turned on in order for this to work correctly.

The attached instructions for Serial Magic Keys will walk you through the installation and set up. To use it in FairEntry:

  1. Open a browser and login to your FairEntry account.
  2. Click on the check-in tab.
  3. Click inside the Check-In search box to open your keyboard.
  4. Click on the Globe icon at the bottom left of your keyboard to switch to the GPR+ keyboard input.
  5. Be sure that the indicator circle listed next to the GPR+ keyboard is green - this indicates that your scanner is ready.
  6. Scan the tag - the number will appear in the check-in search and the system will locate the associated entry.

NOTE: After you configure the GPR+ scanner with Serial Magic Keys, it will always be linked to that specific device. If you would like to use that scanner with a different device, press and hold the power button on the scanner for several seconds until you see the message that the bluetooth has been reset. The bluetooth icon will flash when it is ready to link to a different device.

The attached processes have been tested and the FairEntry team has confirmed that the GPR+ scanner, when set up correctly, does work well with the FairEntry system.




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