May 16, 2019

FairEntry Support Team -

New Features:

Report Updates:

  • Ribbon Abbreviations added to Custom Show Programs and Judging Sheets
  • Option for lines for Champion and Reserve champions on Custom Show Programs and Judging Sheets
  • Standard Judging Sheets - sorted by exhibitor last name
  • Entry Results for Media - first and last name separated in to two separate columns
  • Entry tags - barcode removed from claim ticket and replaced with hierarchy path, entry description and exhibitor name
  • Division number added to Entry Cards, Entry Tags and Entry Scorecard labels
  • Top Buyers report - columns for add-ons, credits and fees added
  • Sale Summary by division - columns added for Add-ons and bids and total amount added at the end of the report
  • Fair address field removed from Exhibitor Thank You list

New Standard Reports:

  • Deleted Entries
  • Rejected Entries
  • Classes with 0 entries (used for hierarchy adjustments after the fair)
  • Entry Tags for Animals
  • Buyer Statement (includes all purchased items and payments across all sales)

New Fields in Custom Reports:

  • Club ID
  • Payment Type
  • Stripe Charge Status
  • Stripe Amount Paid
  • File Uploaded
  • YQCA Certificate Expiration
  • YQCA Certificate Number
  • Entry Sale Animal Weight

Other Fixes/Adjustments:

  • Exhibitor birthdate, age (hover over birthdate) and Grade added to Entry Approval Screen
  • Deleted custom fields removed from Custom Reports
  • Configure up to 100 placings
  • On-screen average daily gain bug fixed
  • Entry registration deadline enforced at entry submission rather than entry creation
  • Alphabetical sorting added to Buyer list
  • Alphabetical sorting added to Donation Recipient list
  • Alphabetical sorting added to Club List for exhibitor entries
  • Alphabetical sorting added to Pending Check Payments
  • Alphabetical sorting added to Shows
  • Print entries button fixed for exhibitors to print entries from exhibitor group account
  • & sign corrected in reports so it no longer appears as &amp
  • Exhibitor Entry Count report fixed to adjust for filtering
  • Allow new animals for 4HOnline Exhibitors entry setting updated to allow new animals for 4HOnline exhibitors when an FFA chapter has been selected on the entry. 
  • Max Animals per Exhibitor entry setting corrected to reset when an animal is deleted from an entry that has not yet been approved 
  • Floor Price per Pound adjusted on Custom Reports to remain constant if Sale Weight is changed from Check-in Weight
  • New Exhibitor button changed to New Team


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