May 4, 2018

FairEntry Support Team -

Finance Tab - only available for Fair Administrators

Separate Check Sets for:

  • Separate Budgets
  • Separate Auctions
  • Bids
  • Add-Ons
  • Floor Price
  • Block Sale
  • Do not need to reset all checks to re-run one set of checks

After Budgets are Finalized:

  • Points and Premium Set Up is locked
  • Check-In & Will Show is locked
  • Change class is locked
  • Class Breaks are locked


  • Sale Order Reordering Tool
  • Auction Companion for projecting Auction Results on the screen
  • Auction Bid Entry defaults to Auto instead of Manual
  • Paint Number, Sale Tattoo, Department Name, Division Name, Ribbon and Placing added to Custom Sale Program
  • Edit default floor price and max sale weight after sale order is created
  • Default floor price calculates on the Sale Program
  • Resale items appear in the Sale Program after the Sale

Multi-Level Entry Promotion - allows unlimited string of fairs for promotion - For instance: County to District to State

Option to allow automatic approval of entries for credit card payments and $0.00 invoices (see Payment Integration tab, under Set Up - switch toggle to "Yes" to enable)

Hierarchy Premiums Set Up Reports (see Standard Reports, Hierarchy Section)


Other Fixes:

  • When an entry moves to a new class after the results have been entered, results are removed from the entry
  • County Filter on Entries screen
  • Animal Types Breed list Alphabetizes
  • Class Breaks- move an entry to an empty class is fixed
  • Premium Reports do not require check generation
  • Manager invoices not restricted by entry settings.
  • Results Fields will pull the actual results after the Show in the Show Programs and Judging Sheets
  • Check-in agents can move entries to a new class
  • Credit card amount corrected on Exhibitor Group Balance Due Summary


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