Tips for Creating Automatic Page Breaks in Excel

FairEntry Support Team -

There are times when you may want to insert page breaks between different Exhibitors, Clubs, Buyers, Destinations, etc. in a Custom Report. Use the steps below to automatically insert page breaks in Excel.

**Be sure the report is sorted by the item between which you would like to apply page breaks.

Here are the steps:

1. Open the excel version of the worksheet.
2. Click in the table (anywhere) and click on the Table tab at the top.
3. Click on the button to Convert to Range (this will remove the table formatting)
4. Click on the Data tab
5. Click on Subtotals
6. In the "At each change in:" drop-down menu, select the item between which you would like to apply breaks.
7. Click the checkbox for that item.
8. Click the box for Page break between groups.

Select the Print Preview to view the page breaks.


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