Troubleshooting: Labels/cards/tags (alignment off)

Becky Nibe -

Adobe Acrobat is a peculiar program. If you have a document with smaller-than-normal margins (like all labels have), the printer options in Adobe will default to shrink the print area to fit within half-inch margins. Since labels have quarter-inch margins, that throws off the alignment of at least the bottom few rows. This is also true for the entry cards and entry tags.

Since the problem exists in Adobe, so does the solution. When you select to print the labels, stop for a second on your printer dialog box and make sure that the Page Sizing is set to 100% or to "Actual Size". The terminology may differ, based on your version of Acrobat, and your printer, but you get the idea. Don't let Acrobat shrink/scale to fit.

There does not seem to be a way within Acrobat to set that to be the print default--you have to check and select each time you print.


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