Troubleshooting: FairEntry is Really Slow

Becky Nibe -

If FairEntry is really really slow for you, it's going to be one of two things--either your internet connection is very slow, and there's nothing to be done about that from the support side; or one of our servers is running slow, and we should be able to fix that, as soon as we know that there are issues.

Before you send in a support ticket, check out your internet connection using these resources: - if your download speed shows a very low number (less than 5), the site is going to run slow for you. - if your Ping number is very high, again, the site is going to run slow for you.

If neither of those sites shows an issue with your internet speed, then please do contact the support desk, and include the information at the very bottom of your screen "You are connected to TEXAS1-IIS-(some letter)". The letter at the end is important--it will be A,B,C, or D.


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