Printing Premium Reports

Becky Nibe -

After the fair, whether or not you print premium checks from FairEntry, you may need to print the premium reports.

Those reports will be blank unless you have "set" the premium amounts by going through the process to finalize the budget. (Finances > Budgets). Select whether or not you want to only include the entries where Will Show = Yes, and then click the Finalize button.  All budgets will be finalized. You do not need to generate the actual checks, but the process of finalizing the budgets enters the premium amounts as the "final answer" and allows all premium reports to be printed with the correct amounts listed.

If you change your premium setup (adjust amounts or points) after you have previewed the checks and printed premium reports, or make corrections to results you will need to go back and reset the budget, then go through the process again to finalize the budgets and establish the new premium amounts.

See the article Printing Premium Checks for more details on the process. 

See also: Finalizing Budgets Quick Video


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