Entry Process - Using Custom File Uploads

Becky Nibe -

If you are at the Regular ($750) plan or above, you have the option to require or allow exhibitors to upload files during the entry process. The Custom Files tab (on the Hierarchy menu) walks you through the process.

Just as Custom Fields, if Custom Files are created at the Fair level of the hierarchy, exhibitors will be asked to upload a file once (during the Exhibitor identification portion of the entry process. If they are created at a lower level of the hierarchy, each time an exhibitor makes an entry into that portion of the hierarchy, they will see the option/requirement to upload a file with the entry.

  1. Select any level on the Hierarchy menu.
  2. Select the Custom Files tab.
  3. Click "Add a Control".
  4. Set your options as you need them to be.
    • The name you type in will be what the exhibitors see on the screen during the entry process.
    • Required or Optional
    • What kinds of documents can be uploaded? Don't select all--be selective. If you need a photo uploaded, you wouldn't expect that to be an Excel document, for example. You'd only select some of the Image types.
  5. Click Save when finished.



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