June 3, 2016

FairEntry Support Team -

Following 19 fields added to custom reports:

  • Animal: Animal Type Name
  • Animal: Rabies Vaccination Date Given
  • Animal: Rabies Product Serial Number
  • Animal: Scrapie Flock ID
  • Entry Sale: Buyer Email
  • Entry Sale: Buyer Group Name
  • Entry Sale: Buyer Group Identifier
  • Entry Sale: Floored
  • Entry Sale: Floor Value Payee
  • Entry Sale: Destination Notes
  • Team Name
  • Exhibitor: Full Name (Last, First)
  • Exhibitor: Full Name (First Last)
  • Exhibitor: Primary Club
  • Exhibitor: Primary Club Type
  • Exhibitor: Source (4HOnline or FairEntry)
  • Exhibitor Group: Name
  • Exhibitor Group: Email
  • Exhibitor Group: Phone Number


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