May 6, 2016

FairEntry Support Team -

  • "Other" Club Type Added
  • Entries sorted by entry number in Exhibitor Entry list for managers and Exhibitors
  • Resubmit payment process for declined Credit Card Payments
  • Email notification sent to the exhibitor group to resubmit Credit Card payment for declined credit card.
  • Max Animals per Exhibitor Entry setting fixed
  • Advance to next entry for Pen Classes in Sale fixed
  • Entry number corrected on Show Programs
  • Max Entries per animal is fixed
  • Bid cards standard report
  • Buyer labels standard report
  • Invoice approval timestamp available on custom reports
  • Awards are sorted alphanumerically in the results drop-down menu
  • Bug in Points & Premiums ranges is fixed
  • Mis-matched Sale number confusion resolved in Auction
  • Fixed Entry Search by Sub Class
  • Added Entry Subclass to entry view
  • Delete entries with attached files - fixed.
  • Improvements to entire FairEntry infrastructure to improve the speed of the program in preparation for increased usage.
  • Infrastructure update also allows for faster publishing of new features and improvements (lots more to come!)


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