May 14, 2016

FairEntry Support Team -

  • Fix Buyer Invoice discrepancy (rounding to nearest dollar)
  • Allow Buyer Invoice printing from buyer screen
  • Fix Hierarchy Aliases on Family side
  • 6-up Entry Cards
  • Fix "Print Checks" (missing label text)
  • Hierarchy Editor: Enable addition of second-level sub-class
  • Entry cards: print doubles/triples
  • Fair manager email should link to Staff Sign-in screen rather than Fair welcome
  • Fair manager email should indicate sign-in method: 4H or Fair credentials
  • Fix Max Entries Per Exhibitor to only count entries in the area in which it is set.
  • Fix Require 4H Project required for non 4-H exhibitors.
  • Enable entry into 2nd-level Subclass
  • Add Exhibitor Barcode to Entry List By Exhibitor standard report 
  • Add Scanner support in Exhibitor and Entry search areas


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