Troubleshooting: Animals on entries

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If an exhibitor is adding a new animal to an entry (not imported from 4HOnline) and the animal type drop-down is empty, it is likely that there is not an animal type associated with that division.

To fix the issue, from a Fair or Organizational Administrator account, click on the Hierarchy tab and select the Division. Under Hierarchy Editor, select the Animal Types that are available for that division. Once an animal type is selected for the Division, it will be available for exhibitors to add new animals.



The exhibitor's animals from 4HOnline are not listed when they try to add the animal to an entry, or the drop-down animal type selection box is empty.

Test 1: Check the Division settings from the Hierarchy tab. Under Hierarchy Editor, be sure an animal type is selected. Add the animal type if one is not selected.

Test 2: Log in to the Family's account in 4HOnline and be sure the animals associated with the member are Active.

**See also Animal Types Quick Video


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