Open, FFA, and Dual-enrolled (4-H & FFA) Exhibitor Entries

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If you have FFA members (whether or not they are dual-enrolled in 4-H), and open exhibitors entering your fair, the processes are described below. The goal is for each exhibitor record to exist only one time in FairEntry, whether they are showing as 4-H or FFA or both. Please note that any entries made by FFA advisors as part of the Agent Exhibitor Group process will likely have two separate exhibitor accounts if they also make individual entries, either as a 4-H Online exhibitor or open exhibitor.

Entry process for Non 4-H Online Exhibitors after the initial fair:

A. If exhibitors remember their FairEntry login email and password from last year: 

They should select the option to login with FairEntry on your fair's home page. After they enter their email address and password, they will be able to begin the entry process for this year's fair.

B. If they remember the login email, but not the password from last year:

Under the FairEntry login entry boxes, there is an option for "Forgot your password?" that they should click on to get a new temporary password sent to that login email address.

C. If they do not remember the login email or password:

Creating a new record on your homepage (Using the "Not in 4-H Online and need to create a FairEntry exhibitor account?" link) will work fine as long as they use a different email than last year. If they use the same email as last year, they will get an error message, and then should use that email address to go through the steps in B. above.

Entry process for FFA kids who are also 4-H members:

  1. Families will login to FairEntry using the Sign in with 4HOnline option, using their 4-H Online login and password.
  2. For each entry, the exhibitor should choose the appropriate Club--either their 4-H club (from 4-H Online) or their FFA chapter (created by the FairEntry manager).
  3. Exhibitors will create their 4-H class entries (the ones linked to a 4-H club) under the entry settings that you have allowed for 4-H Online exhibitors--using their 4-H Online animals if your state uses 4-H Online Animal ID, linked to projects if you have selected that entry setting.
  4. Entries that are NOT associated with a 4-H Club will fall under the entry settings for Open class exhibitors. For example, if you have linked 4-H projects to a division, that rule will not be upheld for entries into that division that are not linked to a 4-H club.
  5. It is not necessary, and not desirable, for one exhibitor to have 2 exhibitor records--one for their 4-H entries and another one for their FFA or open entries. All entries should exist under one exhibitor, linked to the appropriate 4-H Club or FFA chapter. 

Manager considerations: FFA members and open class exhibitors who are NOT 4-H members:

If you want FFA members or open class exhibitors to make online entry, you must select the entry setting "Allow New Entries by non 4-H Exhibitors" which is available at the Department level and below.

If you select "Yes" for "Allow Animals to be Added to an Entry During Registration" (available at all levels from Fair down), all exhibitors will see an option to "Add an Animal" to their class entry--open and FFA-only exhibitors won't obviously have the option to bring over an animal from 4-H Online (if your state uses 4-H Online Animal ID)--they will be creating that record from scratch. The fields shown will be the same as the 4-H Online animal fields (if you are using that) or they will be the fields you set up when you created animal types.

Using this process will allow the animals to be added, and you, as manager, will check to be sure that the animal has been properly identified (if necessary), and then approve the entries. 

If you select "No" for "Allow Animals to be Added to an Entry During Registration", exhibitors (all of them) will not have the option to add an animal to their class entry. 

Using this process will mean that the check-in people will be adding all animals to all entries when they arrive at the fair.

If you select NO for "Allow Animal Creation for 4-H exhibitors", entries that are linked to a 4-H club will be limited to only animals that already exist in 4-H Online for that exhibitor (if your state uses 4-H Online Animal ID). If that exhibitor makes entries linked to an FFA chapter, or open entries, they will be able to create a new animal for those entries.



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