Entry Process - Entry Settings - Updated June, 2020

Becky Nibe -

This spreadsheet documents where in the hierarchy various entry settings are available, and the expected behavior, in terms of whether changes in those settings override higher level settings, add on to higher level amounts, or cannot be set higher than a number set at a higher level in the hierarchy.

There are 2 worksheets in the workbook. The first one is "Printer Friendly", and will print landscape on 3 sheets of paper. The second one is an expanded version of the information, in a larger font.

When you have entered your entry settings, there are two reports that will give you a quick checklist of exactly which settings are applied for which level(s): 

  1. Entered Hierarchy Settings -- does not list any settings left as defaults, only the ones that have been entered/changed.
  2. Applied Hierarchy Settings -- contains all settings for all levels, including those left at the default value.


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