How to get a report with Total Points

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1. If you wish to know how many points were earned by each exhibitor, create a Custom Report that includes the Results: Points field and the Exhibitor Name and Exhibitor Number. Include any other information that you may wish to have (such as: Entry: Department Name, Entry: Division Name, Entry: Class Name...). If you only want to know the points for a certain department, be sure to filter your report for that department.

**NOTE: Results Budgets must be finalized before results fields will populate on Custom Reports

2. Export your Custom Report to Excel.

3. Once it is open in Excel, the Points will be in a text format. Select the Points fields and choose to convert the points to a number field (see Screen print 1)

4. After the Points are converted to numbers, select to Insert a Pivot table. 

5. Select your Row Label(s) (i.e. Exhibitor name). Then select the Points field and drag it to the Values quadrant. Be sure to select that the field will be a Sum (not a Count). (see Screen Print 2)


Screen Print 1Screen_Shot_2017-04-03_at_4.21.55_PM.png


Screen Print 2



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