March 28, 2017

FairEntry Support Team -

  • Fix/Change: Non 4HOnline (FFA and Open) logins from a previous year now copy from a previous year to the new fair. Exhibitors will use the same email login as the previous fair, and their address info will copy from the most recent fair for which they had an account.
  • Fix/Change: Animal Breed field allows text entry if no breeds are populated in the drop-down list. Field becomes a drop-down if a breed list is created, text box if not.
  • Fix: Class Breaks by Animal Breed 
  • Fix: Fixed bug in hierarchy editor where freshly-saved Division 4HOnline project link would disappear when you click to a different tab in the hierarchy area and back, requiring a hard refresh.
  • Change: Club Premiums and Exhibitor Premiums By Club reports use the Entry Club instead of the Exhibitor Primary Club.
  • Added: Added a Text Transform (UPPERCASE, lowercase, Title Case) option to Custom Shows.
  • Added: Added Class Breaks permission role
  • Added: Canadian Provinces and Postal Codes for exhibitors, buyers and Canadian Fairs 


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