Calculate Total Premiums or Fees on Custom Reports

FairEntry Support Team -

Exhibitor Premiums and Entry Fees are available fields on Custom Reports. To calculate the total amount per exhibitor (or Club), follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a Custom Report with the desired information.
  2. Export the Report to Excel.
  3. In Excel, select the Column that contains the numbers you would like to calculate
  4. From the Data tab, select Text to Columns and click Finish
  5. Select the Insert or Data tab and click on Pivot table.
  6. Select to insert a pivot table in a new worksheet.
  7. In the Pivot table builder, select the Exhibitor name field (or Club name, if you are looking for a total for the Club) and drag it to the box that says "Rows".
  8. Select the Fee or Premiums field and drag it to the box that says "Values".
  9. Right click on the Fee or Premiums field (the field you want to total) in the Pivot table builder and select to calculate the Sum for this field.



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