Troubleshooting: Results fields are empty on Custom Reports

FairEntry Support Team -

In order for results to appear on Custom Reports, they must be FINALIZED (even if you don't pay premiums or print checks)! To Finalize your results, click on the Sale tab, then click on the Checks tab. Click on the "Finalize" button next to the results budget. This will tell the system that you are ready to run all of the calculations for points and premiums based on the results that have been entered.

To Finalize results:

1. Click on the Finances Tab

2. Click on the Budgets sub-tab

3. Click the Finalize button and all budgets will finalize and lock.

4. After running your reports, you may reset the budgets so that additional entries may be checked-in, the Will Show status can be updated, you may modify the Points & Premiums setup, and record additional results.





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