4-H Families don't manage their 4-H Online data, but they need to use that login for FairEntry

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Even if a family does not manage their own enrollments in 4-H Online, they may still use their 4-H Online account to submit entries for the fair.  What that does is allow the family to use information entered into 4-H Online as part of their FairEntry registration: address info, as well as the exhibitor's birthdate, grade, project enrollments, and animals.

The County 4-H Online manager will need to be sure the family has an email address associated with their account. We recommend that the 4-H Online manager send a note to the families to let them know which email address is associated with their account. If it turns out the email address is incorrect, they can work with the county office to get that corrected.

After the family knows the email address associated with their 4-H Online account, they should follow the steps below:

1. Go to http://[your state].4honline.com
2. Enter the email address you received from the County 4-H Office (the one associated with your 4-H Online account) and select the Forgot Password option. 
3. After receiving a temporary password, go to http://[your state].4honline.com to sign in with the email address and temporary password. 
4. The system will ask to set a new permanent password. 
5. After the permanent password is set, go to the Fair website (www.fairentry.com Find My Fair or your fair's custom URL).
6. Click on the green button that says "Sign in with 4-H Online".
7. Enter the email address and password that was set for 4-H Online.
8. Click Login and proceed with the entry process.


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